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June 17, 2008



though i'm sure your blog goes for deeper metaphor than the obvious discussion of the magic eye paintings, let me say that it helps if you have sucky vision to begin with. If your eyes tend to blur or cross naturally, or you kinda look at the world like you don't give a shit,(stare at things slack jawed and vacantly) then the pictures are easy to see. truely, a zen process if there ever was one.
you can cross your eyes just a bit until the repeated pattern overlaps and then lock in. the tricky part is holding into that locked gaze. crossing your eyes will give you the inverse of the image though,(instead of protruding, the image will be recessed) but should be good enough to get you by when your friend asks what it is.
the rose picture has a heart in it. the boxes one has no image that i can tell, but does become very three dimensional. the last one i can't tell. either a bunch of balloons or a bunch of flowers.. because i see it recessed.

seeing as how these computer generated 'paintings' haven't been in daily life since they were last in a mall calendar kiosk in 1998, i don't think you have much to worry about.

but i think your same metaphor for 'two kinds of people' when it comes to musicphiles. those that strive to namedrop the most obscure bands ever and know all of the sub-sub-sub genres, and those that just enjoy unique sound and may even stumble upon creating what will later be coined by some hipster as a new subgenre.(ex: progressive innuit bluegrass hip hop, aka proginbluhop)
there are those that look too hard and pretend to know what's going on, and those that just DO and don't think twice about it.

John D.

A long long time ago I intended to call my ASCAP publishing identity "Let's Kill The Guy Who Invented Magic Eye"


I agree that this is a pulling of the wool over our collective eyes. As someone with astigmatism and wildly divergant visual acuity between my orbs, I never saw the Magic Eye paintings. Thickipedia sez, "Many people cannot see Magic Eye images due to one eye being significantly dominant over the other." And mood rings never really worked either.


You ever see that episode of Star Trek: Next Gen, where everyone is hooked on a weird, simplistic, Tetris-like video game, and it turns out its actually a mind-control device in disguise? THATS how I feel about those magic eye thingys.




These things just look like bad abstract art from the '80s to me. I understand that if you stare long enough you see bad still life from the 70s, but I've never been so fortunate. I did though finish re-reading Valis about a week ago, it still holds up but I am not too keen on the Jungian parts, something I did not pick up on first time around. I guess it's just my acquired bias against people who wrote fan letters to the Nazi party showing through.


I keep staring at Wilco too - just not seeing the supersonic rocketship. :(


y'allz just jealous. seriously, if you need a lesson, i'll bring in my dinosaur landscape and we'll do a tutotial. free with donation of one bud light to me


Another opportunity to gloat and brag about my super human ability to see Magic Eye images almost instantly!

Its kind of disturbing... what's wrong with my eyes!?


There are essentially two kinds of people in this world; people who constantly divide the world into two kinds of people, and people who don't.


i can't believe trent undersold me.


i never can see anything in magic eye paintings, and the wonder of Wilco is lost on me as well.

Will Grizzly

All the irony in the post confused me.


The Magic Eye pictures/books were, to me, like the FIELD DAYs of Elementary School. I'd fake my way through them by pretending to get hit with a ball and going to the nurse.

First of all, I'm near sighted in one eye and far sighted in the other (and no optometrist pointed this out to me until I was 23, even though I've worn glasses since I was five). I've never seen THE MAGIC (I'm also an under achiever, so that might be part of it).

Often, I'd outright LIE! "Oh yeah, I see it!" Then I'd change the subject to something more pertinent, like what was going on with Melrose Place (see, THAT was ANOTHER LIE. I NEVER watched Melrose Place).

My whole LIFE is a fuzzy sham!!!


I have seen pictures in the magic eye books. It is possible. Don't give up hope.

But appreciate Wilco? Sorry, thats impossible. Every song sounds the same.


My parents had a magic eye book with a skull in it.
I loved that skull.'re wayyyyyy into this "magic eye conspiracy" crap. You're right... there are no bums or phrases about your mother... whoever told you that was a lie. The picture with the roses has just has a 3-d heart. The picture with the cubes just becomes hidden picture. The last picture has some kind of flower, it kind of looks like two balloons and a long branch, but it's meant to be a flower because the picture was made with the flower pots you see in the normal photo.


Wow, anonymous, you're wayyyyyy not into sarcasm or "subtle" satire. But since you can actually "see" those hidden images, you're one of THEM anyway.

iZon lenses

For those that don’t know, they work by taking advantage of the nuances of stereoscopic vision. To see the three dimensional image, you must force one eye to focus on one part of the picture while the other focuses on a very similar but slightly different adjacent section. The slight differences in what the eyes are seeing are interpreted by the brain as a three dimensional image.

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