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June 25, 2008



will you also be broadcasting the Feelies set? please say yes.

Brian Turner

At this time, unable to broadcast the Feelies live that afternoon.

Brian C.

Hopefully, the Feelies will give permission, or whatever needs to happen will happen -- it's not like they're signed with a record label that won't allow it, right? Mebbe they'll stick together, (record again?), and get their catalogue back in print. I haven't heard "the Good Earth" in a loooooong time! Kudos to SY for allowing the broadcast. What a fantastic double-bill -- I can't wait to see it!


Any chance of broadcasting Breckman's act? Please say he is still going to be there.


Brian C. --

Water Records put Only Life back in print just this week! I'm hoping the follow through with the other three records.


Please get the Feelies in for a live set! I am sooooo bummed to be missing the shows this week. I hear the one last night was great.

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