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June 19, 2008



MP3 Truffles, how I've missed you! Looks like I have a lot of downloading to do.


hehe, that PSA reminds me of this. A few years ago, the Museum of Radio and Television did a massive multipart retrospective of David Bowies career. The scene in the lobby for those showings was quite a hoot. After one particularly flamboyant period ( early 70's ) the restroom area was just teeming with trannies. I suppose someone from another show complained, and a security guard wobbled out over to the ladies room and "talked" to a few folks. I can still remember the response. "Well, what you have us do, use the mens room?". He chewed on that one for a while... and did have to concede the logic of the position. Needless to say, the children of a few midtown swells got a taste of the old downtown that day.

Bren C.

You know what? Not to sound *terribly* judgemental here (regarding the "Focus on the Futile" PSA there)... but is a man in a dress really all that likely to prey on little girls?

Just a question, is all.


the letter people - mrs N do not open..


Hey, in a strange coincidence, the solution to CO's problems is close at hand...


BTW, I'd be a lot more concerned if senators or congressmen were lurking in that bathroom.


Bathroom use and safety is a big issue among transgender people. This website http://www.safe2pee.org/ is an attempt to help people find safe places where there are unisex publicly accessible facilities.

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