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June 10, 2008



You are so cute when you spout your uninformed political opinions.


Don't worry about the one above [comment] If she had to dig a ditch to prove she was "macha" [I know it's not a word...but] she would do it.......Good bye......Now let's get rid of the taxer to be anointed.......davek


don't worry about the comment above this one. it doesn't make any sense to me either.

always be wary when the illiterate jump to your defense.


Whiney, nagging, self entitled monster. Well I know the kind of person you mean and believe me I am no fan. In my experience people like that excel at middle management and perhaps a bit higher.

I don't know if anyone who is not on a casual working basis with her or closer is in a position to make such a call.

She disgusts me yes; she's a successful politician in the United States but the list of guys who are or were way worse extends beyond the ordinary memory capacity of one person. The idea that our country was once a meritocracy or that it is now a "deformed meritocratic state," is fantasy.

I will grant you the "self-entitled monster" part but have you seen the cars some people drive? It's a pretty broad category.


yes ron paul is still running and is planning a rally in st. paul right before the republican convention to woo votes away from john mclame. just love humans. :)


Kucinich was the only candidate who called for single-payer health care. I think it would be great if he were Obama's running mate.

It will never happen, though. Obama belongs to Wall Street.


From today's Onion:
"I'll miss her laugh."

Dale Hazelton

She can still laugh all the way to the bank. I'll bet anything that her speech fee just multiplied tenfold.

I was positive she was going to get the nomination and 8 years in. Then 8 years for Jeb Bush, then 4 for Chelsea, then 8 for Jenna Bushes husband, then....

Hopefully the era of these dynastys is over.


McCain 08.

Krys O.

NovoCain 08!


yes indeed, Ron Paul will be on the ticket.

aren't we getting tired of voting for the lesser of two evils? America, WAKE UP! wake up sleepy-heads. google Alex Jones and bring yourself up to date with the agenda of the wealthiest 1%. learn about the NAU (that's North American Union.) find out why our borders are wide open and the oil prices are going to hit $200 a barrel. you might wanna read "the terror conspiracy" by Jim Marrs and "Rise of the Fourth Reich" also by jim marrs (out soon). while you're at it, pick up ron paul's new book. take the blinders off and vote for freedom this November.

(sorry, didn't mean to ramble - it's just when you see a giant crater in the middle of the road up ahead, you instinctively react by trying to alert the driver so he can avoid hitting it)


YEAH Ron Paul, lets vote for him, sounds good except that he is a Racist, Homophobe... Good Job voting against Martin Luther King Jr day! The Truth is that Ron Paul would set back the Civil Rights movement 50 years!!

Quizmaster Chris

Nader-Gonzalez '08! The only candidate opposing Wall Street, the war(s), AIPAC, in favor of single payer, the list goes on... and polling nationally at 6% with almost NO media coverage...

Sean Daily

I love politics. What other human activity (besides sports) gives rational human beings a chance to let their ids out to play?


I have no opinion about this controversial topic.


Yes, by all means, listen to Alex Jones... unless you actually want to learn something. Jones may be well-known, but be informed: he is a bottomless well of misinformation and unapologetic redneckery.

And yeah, I'd love to see Kucinich on the ticket. His voting record is spotless, and his wife is a knockout.


Kucinich should be appointed chairman of the FCC. He would fight the sale of the public airwaves. Hilary would be an able Secretary of Health and Human Services. Ron Paul would be great as a talk show host on MSNBC.


patrick - "racist homophobe" sounds a bit extreme. as a dude who likes dudes obviously i'm sensitive to that...i have heard things about paul but i'm careful not to believe everything i hear. i think i looked into it a while back and couldn't find any real facts...(i'm not saying there aren't any) maybe you could direct me to some. irregardless (i love using non-words!), at the end of the day paul could be the homophobe of the century and i'd still vote for him based on his fiscal ideology. we have a bloated government feeding us fear to sell endless wars...well, you know all that.

jim - about alex jones. "a bottomless well of misinformation and unapologetic redneckery"?? i'd love to know what information you have to debunk him. this guy is an american patriot and hero (IMO). i'd LOVE to believe that his claims are misinformation but i've done a lot of my own legwork (research, reading) and it 's all starting to come together and make sense. America is having a garage sale and EVERYTHING is for sale...including YOU.
do your own research and i'm sure that what you find will shock and awe you.

sorry guys, gotta go. VOTE RON PAUL! (or Bob Barr)

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