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June 09, 2008



thanks for this info - I live in Rhode Island and didn't know the half of this.


What about The Baylies Band?


Good lord! You could fill up an iPod with the mp3s from this post and the Baltimore one. Good job Jason! Looking forward to the official Free Music Archive!


You forgot Badman! They're a Providence Jewel.

Dave Public

Some other Providence greats:

Dave Public (a hidden providence institution since 2001)

Bronhard/Going/Public (electronic improv trio featuring members of the White Mice, Suffering Bastard, and Happy Birthday LA)

Battlesnake (instrumental comic book psych/metal with live comic projections, featuring members of Drop Dead, Football Rabbit, and Dave Public)

Suffering Bastard (dual-bass feedback-drenched grindcore attack. just released split 10" with Cock ESP on Apop records!)
Great blog run by Bronhard/Going/Public with lots of mp3 goodies and news related to the above bands.


NICE! Though this seems like an incomplete list of CURRENT bands that are actually active in providence...this would give a better look at providence and it's diversity if it had included some of the following bands that are kicking ass here:

Suffering Bastard
Made in Mexico
Athletic Automaton
I, Destroyer
Lolita Black
Tinsel Teeth
St. Jude
She Rides
Salt of the Earth
Dave & Steve
Black Clouds
White Mice
Hard on Tron
etc, etc, etc,
just to name a few that are getting theor names out there even beyond the providence borders.

Kevin fitzgerald

how the hell is DROPDEAD not on there? you'd think a band thats been around for 20 years would make it?

Kevin fitzgerald

how the hell is DROPDEAD not on there? you'd think a band thats been around for 20 years would make it?


Hey d_p, Kevin and -R

Thanks for the tips! We've already reached out to some of the bands you've listed (we're contacting bands to get their approval before posting). Hadn't heard of all of them but we'll check them out. We want as many good artists represented on the Free Music Archive as possible when the full site launches this fall, so your suggestions are really helpful. These guys take requests: fma ^at^


Iynges Recordings is a bad link, if your inclined to fixing it. Nice post, thanks.


Armageddon Shop has got tons of this stuff if you need hard copy. They have posters too, though I don't really see them on their site.


In case you didn't know, Daughters/Chinese Stars/ Matt Brinkman /Megasus/ are also grate Bands.
Good Job on the list so far, You still have quite a ways to go tho...IF you are making a true documentation of Providence.
What I believe you need to get ahold of is the "Real Slow Radio" comps all the bands around Olneyville/Prov would make for Brinkman.
I believe there was 6 editions of them, with like 30 or so tracks on each.maybe 100 different "bands" in all total.,(from years 2000-03)
He would choose a theme like country and then we'd all give him a country song (in our own ridiculously strange way)
and they all came out in Hand woven awesome printed packages, some of the funniestcoolestbestshit ever
Hey thanks for compiling all of this and Good luck.

retardo montebon

For more free ZZ Pot / Doctor Ninja , Real Slow Radio, etc. check out RETARD RIOT RE:CDRS
Looking forward to all this stuff being on the free music archive.
Keep up the great work! WFMU RULES!

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