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June 14, 2008



I'm hungry

Dale Hazelton

The Sheik....that's an interesting post 9/11 brand....but why generic burgers? It should be a falafel or pita joint.

And a pimp chicken is pretty sweet, too.


I live 30 mins. north of Jacksonville. I have had great meals at both of these places. The Sheik has sandwiches too. Its a fine joint.


Nice - Neither of these restaurants are on "Main" street nor are in central Jacksonville - are you intentionally trying to make my city sound like big Ghetto?

Debbie D

I just thought the signs were cool. The street sign said Main Street. I don't know if it's central Jacksonville or not. It was near the zoo....


I believe The Sheik sells a sandwich called the "Taboleh Rider". I lived in Jacksonville in the 80s and recently have wondered if they have rebranded, like so many hummus producers.


Although I've lived in NYC for 27 years, I grew up in Jacksonville, and THE SHEIK is hardly a "post 9/11 brand." It was around for years while I lived in Jax, (where I'm vacationing at the moment, visiting family), and if it's STILL around, that makes it a three-decades PLUS sandwich joint. The one I'm familiar with was/is on Atlantic Blvd,, about 7 miles in from the beaches, (where I resided), near the Regency Square shopping mall, (shots of which were visible in John Sayles' SUNSHINE STATE, set in northeast Florida, and shot partly in Jacksonville).

I never ate at THE SHEIK.

north guinea hills

LOL, we used to have a sheik two blocks from my parent's house when I was growing up in Orange Park, FL. (just south of J-ville)


When I went to William Paterson College, in the late 80s, there was an eatery in Paterson called "Ribs & Things". We'd always get a chuckle when we passed by. I happened to be in the area a few years ago and it was a video store then. God only knows what it is now.

Jason I

The Chicken Koop is the shit. I live just around the corner from it. It was recently robbed and the dudes were chased to my old apartment complex where a little shootout occurred. You should see the commercials.


Since Abdullah the Butcher's restaurant was spotlighted above, I was hoping that "The Sheik" was a competing establishment run by The Iron Sheik.


HAHAHAHAH I am so glad someone on the internet noticed The Chicken Koop. If you look on the side of the building, it is also covered with the Pimp Chicken's comrades, including a whore chicken. The Shiek has been in Jacksonville for probably over 30 years. There are actually a lot of good independent Arabic food places in Jacksonville, like Karam's. There is a large Arabic community here that basically controls much of law, medicine, accounting, and dentistry.

Chris de Vidal

Every time I see the Chicken Koop restaurants I can't help but snicker. They tend to be in rough neighborhoods, which is of course stereotypical :-)

Here's the commercial:

And I ate at The Sheik in the 80s, they're good and definitely not post 9/11. Lots of good Arabic restaurants in Jax. For some reason I never thought that was all that funny.

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