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June 09, 2008



I signed up for the whole R2R thing because I read about it on this blog...OF COURSE I wasn't able to get tickets, despite the fact that I was trying to sign on from 11:59 til 12:30, but no dice...although now they've got my email address, so I get plenty of AmEx spam. Thanks WFMU! What are YOU getting paid to promote this? I'm sure everyone over there has plennnnnty of tickets!

Brian Turner

Chris, we're sorry you didn't get tickets. Not all of us did here either, the mechanics of River to River site is unfortunately out of the station's control and we have been pretty clear in the notion that distribution of tickets is also something we're not responsible for.

The key seems to have been hitting the refresh button over and over until it took your reservation (which we figured out on our own). A good percentage of the people I've communicated with who were online during the initial minutes did succeed though, so it was possible, not that I am trying to smooth over the difficulties that were presented. I'd recommend fwding any comments to River to River where they'll probably get more accomplished than commenting on our post. And WFMU is not getting paid (nor would we ever take money from a commercial organization for any kind of promotional purpose), we are just helping towards the production of a show by two bands we really love, one of which invited us personally to have our name onboard. Again, we're sorry you didn't get in. We will have some for on-air giveaway soon if you tune in regularly.

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