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June 24, 2008



I'm not a guitarist nor do I play one on TV but I do admire Sister Rosetta Tharpe's axes.


And here

Oh! And here too.

Scott M.

Reminds me of this vid on guitar and "the politics of wankery":


See, I'm a dude, and I would totally play a Hello Kitty Strat. The pink one, not the black one.

And I would Rock. I might even go so far as to Rawk.


I know a dude who rocks a pink Hello Kitty Strat, at least occasionally. He is muy popular with the ladies, I might add. Jam out with your clam out!

Pseu Braun

Thanks, you guys for reminding me of a lost thought as I was posting -- Hot guys (or an ARMY of hot guys) rawking chick-centric guitars would be totally be-yond for me...


The Dutchess didn't need so special girly guitar. Look at her work that man-sized, space-age Gretsch:

Rufus J Squirrel

Wata from Boris don't need no girly shit.


The Great Kat... "mainstream"?

I happen to have been sent a DVD of her's (the cover of the one pictured in your post) when I had one of those jobs where you get sent a bunch of free DVDs (you know the ones) and my copy of "Extreme Guitar Shred" is a precious jewel to me.

But it's only because of its pure outsider brilliance.


Todd Frye

Eddie Van Halen's Wolfgang guitars (one of which you show him playing above) is a relatively smaller guitar that may be a nice alternative for most women. I own one, and it's a fantastic guitar, very well designed.

Wendy del Formaggio

Lest we forget the immor(t)al words of one Mister Henry Rollins:



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