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June 04, 2008




Power Sherlock

If I was made President of USA, every street would have at least one house populated by people who looked like this

Jonathan Steinke

Sorry for the overuse of popular expressions, but THIS IS WRONG. Don't ya just love maternal vicariousness?


Hate to break it to you guys, but ALL little girls do some form of dress-up/drag and stuff their t-shirt with socks to create gigantic breasts. It's in the top 3 most common ways little girls spend their time.

Wendy del Formaggio

I don't know what little girls you hang out with, but the ones I know, and the one I was, don't/didn't go to the extremes shown in the pics above. Not all little girls are, uh... socialized like that.

The sort of look like midget circus performers, but from a horror movie. A movie with lots of CLOWNS.

Harold Nuggs

This isn't about children performing as Dolly imposters but it is releted to the Ancient Queen of Country.

The link is an audio clip of Howard Stern playing clips from her recent Audio Book.

Call me a pig but when I 1st heard this I played it about 10 times in a row!!!

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