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June 12, 2008




I filled the form, submitted, reloaded, went back to the form, submitted, reloaded, and got a "We already have your registration" page. I assumed that it worked and would get an email. No joy.

That's great that there will be giveaways, but I rarely get the opportunity to listen in real time...


i got shut out also so i did the next best thing. maiden tixs for this sat @ the pnc arts center.


Call me an underachiever but I'd rather actually work than deal with the aggravation, sunburn and heatstroke of this. I will in fact be at work while this mob scene minimizes the number of tourists I have to deal with.

Ooh, can I stand behind the guy who sways back and forth so I can alternate between seeing the band for 3 seconds then the guy's head, then the band, then the guy's head. I've literally had to employ synchronized swaying in order to view the performers in a continuous manner at shows.

Which is not to take anything away from the bands. Quality stuff.

Ken Katkin

So is there any way for out-of-towners who reserved tickets for the show to actually pick up their tickets without making a separate trip to NYC two weeks before the show? Can we designate someone to pick up the tickets for us?

Mr Happy

oh cool, grab the tickets NOW, figure out how to pick them up LATER.

honestly, making the fucking thing $5 would have probably left plenty of tickets for anyone local and interested.


Ken -

The tickets can only be picked up by the person who reserved them, using a photo ID. Which makes asking someone to pick them up for you problematic. Sorry! For what it's worth, some friends of mine attended last year's free 4th show at the Battery (the New Pornographers); they did not have tickets and were allowed in anyway.

Brian Turner

The New Pornos show wasn't sold out, however.


Ken, do you have any friends who look like you? Maybe you could mail them your licence or passport or something and they could try to pick em up?

Tom B

Ken Katkin,
The resemblance is striking! Send your passport now! You have my word that I won't keep the tickets for myself, because I'll be out of the country by the 4th of July.

Ken Katkin

For those who are in my predicament: on a hope, I mailed my passport to my father in NYC, and he went downtown and succeeded in picking up my tickets for me. He did not pretend to be me, and although there is certainly a family resemblance I imagine that the River To River people knew that he was not me. Apparently, if a person shows up carrying the photo-ID and the reservation printout of someone else in whose name the reservation was made, then the River To River officials will release the tickets to the person carrying the reservation holder's ID--even if the photo doesn't match. So fellow out-of-towners who scored web reservations: my advice is to mail your photo-ID to a trustworthy friend in NYC, if you can.


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