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June 26, 2008



Has with the great pleasure visited your site.

Especially I like possibility to listen and download at you pleasant music.

dei xhrist

When I purchased my house, I got a photocopy of a generic form that the seller/realtor completed. In my state I guess they are required to disclose if the property is haunted (no, but they don't go in to what constitutes as proof), and if there had ever been any violent crimes on the premises (no). I don't think this kind of skinny is available to the casual researcher.

Frankie Freeman

My Grandmother lived at the rooming house where Baxter Shorter lived with his wife, Olivia. The house was owned and operated by Baxter's mother. I was there several times as a very young boy, about kindergarten age. I had met Mrs. Shorter, his mother. If anyone has information about the address, please let me know.


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