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June 26, 2008


Colin The Culture Hunter

Gaylords stuff has been one of the highlights of this blog. I wonder if they'll ask him over to give his lecture on Beatles Day ( July 10th) here in Liverpool?

Nice of you to post some backwards Beatles tracks - there is one "Beatle" track you may have overlooked that would have been fun for the uninitiated- why not post McCartneys "Band on the Run" in a backwards format and you will soon recognise that Sir Paul really was giving his fans pretty strong clues to what he was smoking between takes!!!!!!


Thank YOU!! This just made my year!!!


try running prince's "purple rain" (the album) backwards and you'll find a couple intentional surprises as well. specifically "darling nikki" and "let's go crazy"

Colin the Culture Hunter

Try this page if this sort of thing interests you- the Band on the Run one is here for you as is plenty of other stuff that in my opinion clearly shows that some people certainly can read a little too much into this phenomenon and find things that arent there . Paul McCartney certainly has a sense of humour though!

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