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June 10, 2008



Lovely, quite lovely.

some douche

Man, I just gotta know what Ken's shirt said.

Also, can anyone spot the annoying typo on the last page?

Doug in DC

It takes two to tengo? Last Tengo in Paris? Love this month's issue of STN, but it's loaded with typos, not just this one. It's also got some great articles and reviews, so go get a copy if you don't have one!

Doug Houlle

That's one big ass haemorrhoid pillow.


Hey, I'd like to know what Ken's shirt said, too! The photographer only sent me one group shot with Ken, who was wearing a buttoned-up plaid flannel shirt, but the alternate shot that didn't include Ken (maybe he hadn't shown up yet?) was so much sharper that I reluctantly decided to use that one instead. I do apologize for any and all typos (and sure enough, "some douche" will always point them out), though I must say our new copy editor has improved our performance in that area by enormous leaps and bounds. C'mon, we're not the New Yorker, we're a mostly volunteer staff with families and day jobs, cant y'all cut us a little slack? Seriously though, I hope some of you will be inspired to check out the rest of the mag ... we busted our asses making this, and it's meant for people just like you!!!

Rusty Staub

Typo, schmypo!

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