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July 10, 2008



"Motley Crue and front row are synonymous with our relationship."

Dear God, what have you unearthed?!

doctor huh?

nice tits

Wak Wak

Yes, and the girl wasn't bad looking either...

Wak Wak

Yes, and the girl wasn't bad looking either...

fatty jubbo

the lady couldn't stop fidgetting around, it made the love story that much more uneasy.

but the funniest part was when the guy, who has the the mannerisms of a log, suddenly pulls up his shirt to reveal a bright red pentagram.


Great story. Too bad it's sponsored by a campaign for a paperback novel. I've seen some strange ardent fan behavior but none as extreme as this. Who paid for the month of front row seats at the concerts, I wonder, the band or the couple?


That story totally rocks. And their tattoos are killer. Sounds like all you commenting critics are a bunch of jealous no-life losers.


they're obviously not too fast for love......

Mr Mannn

i wish they had met at a GWAR show.

"She was drenched in fake blood, and i was covered in goo, and our eyes met..."


holy crap!!! getting pulled on stage at a motley show? that's fkin crazy, but that chick is totally HOT. and then getting married in the front row at another motley show is awesome. i need them to adopt me!

Dale Hazelton

I'll refrain from commenting on her various assets -- oops, I just did! Seriously, someone should edit this down to a 60 second spot for eHarmony. It would be great.

i beleive every word of it. every word!

i beleive every word of it. every word!


Jesus H Roosevelt Christ; would you really hit that thing? Two bags, my friend, two bags...


My one bit of advice to Mr. Williams: Dude, I don't care how glorious the sex is, don't let her convince you to get her name tattoed on your butt.


is this commentary happening on the WFMU blog? stranger than strange.


Not to mention the fact that if you're doing her doggy style you get to stare at some hair band guitar geek wanking off his cheap knock off strat. Has this man lost the will to live?


I can imagine that ceremony: "I now pronounce you man and wife. . . SHOW US YOUR TITS!"


Wait, where is it? It says the video is gone.


You'd think with all the tatoos and pentagrams that these people would have some crazy story bout how they met, but seriously, this is the most boring couple I have ever seen.


I must be old. To me 80s commercial "metal," hair bands and their fans etc. are not funny—they're just bad. I lived through it, thought it was all crap then; it's still crap to me now. These people aren't funny, unintentionally funny or even interesting as a part of some lens into the private lives of morons. Their kids will be dumb, superficial and probably like bad music too.

Notice they don't touch each other? They just met at the shoot!

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