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July 08, 2008



Just FYI, the collecting of eggs was/is called oology. It was popular for a while until folks thought better of disturbing birds nests in this way.


Are we not men? We are KENO!


My fave rave Antiques Roadshow moment was the show that had a Tibetan tapestry from the 1600s & a leather jacket owned by Dee Dee Ramone w/handwritten lyrics and both of them were worth exactly the same ($10,000.00).


Whenever they would trot out BOTH the Keno boys you knew it was gonna be good. Either something really valuable or a total fake.

Dale Hazelton

I used to see Wendell Garrett, the old gentleman in the wheelchair, on the 1st avenue bus headed uptown in the morning. I always wanted to say "Hey, you guys rock!" but thought better of it.

I wonder how rich that show has made some of the appraisers, considering that their auction houses probably get to sell a lot of the stuff.


I loooooooooooooove Leigh. Love. Love. Love. So freaking sexy.

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