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July 13, 2008


Hans Keller

I used to own this on CD. Have since lost it, which is I guess not a huge loss considering how much of a complete pain in the ass the packaging was. I concur about its awesomeness. At this time I couldn't resist a record containing both U Totem _and_ Silica Gel, two of my faves at the time. As a pleasant side effect it introduced me to the musical axis that later brought the world Sleepytime Gorilla Museum (both Idiot Flesh and Charming Hostess had musicians now in that estimable group).

The highlight for me is Amy Denio's "Act of Being Polite", which is about ten billion times better than the original "Commercial Album" cut. Also surprisingly good: The Cracker cut.


What's up with the offhanded residents bashing?? I won't stand for it I tells you!.
But also thank you so much for posting this, you made my day!

Nash Roads

I am also offended by the Primus bashing. Primus is the shit! Cool stuff though....




Good post except for picking on the Residents. Why don't you pick on somebody with 2 eyes?


haven't listened to them all yet- but yeah- the cracker track is nice and you said- surprisingly good.


les claypool sounds almost like the singing Resident.


Good post. Thanks..


Same concept, four years earlier:

Big City Orchestra, the Buds, BX3, Steven Clark, Margaret Freeman, Field Trip, Gadgetto, the Guilt, Mark Hanley, Ism, Gobi Littledove, the Psylos, Mike Shannon, Shockheaded Peters, Smithism, Teen Lesbians and Animals, Theatre of Ice, Urban Force Organization, Warmth, and X-Ray Pop.

Neal Burgess

Surely you jest. There is no way this tribute (though well put together) comes anywhere close to being as good as an original Residents record. It doesn't even contain thee single greatest Residents cover version which is "Would We Be Alive" by NOMEANSNO. I dare you to take a road trip from LA to NY with only a copy of 'Freak Show' to listen to, and tell me that it isn't one of the most astounding things you didn't know existed. You simply cannot.


Hey, I like the Residents, although the earlier stuff of theirs is superior (TR&R, Commercial Album, Buster and Glen/Duck Stab). Will have to hear this tribute. My stoner pals in college intro'd me to the Residents, and I still very much like the band's recordings. Amazing live show, too. Don't have anything negative to say about them.


I picked up this CD several years ago from a radio station. I'd heard of the Residents before, but that's about it. I just reached over to my copy of Eyesore and popped it in, just to refresh my memory about that "untitled" track you have here. It's nothing. On one of my older CD players, I needed to skip backwards from track 31 to get to the beginning of Benny, while the onc I have it in now will continue playing after track 30.


Thank you. You're the best. For sure.


This album is legendary. It really is a special collection of artists doing an extraordinary job. May Vaccination Records live long in our hearts and worm its way into the hearts of generations to come!


i know i'm late, but i'm just here to endorse the Primus-bashing.


Betty's Body is missing, why?


Betty's Body is missing because none of these artists could time travel six years into the future to hear it. Fucking amateurs.

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