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July 29, 2008



i am absolutely shocked that no one submitted a snarky "get a mac" comment. but seriously, a mac would solve the problem. just sayin'...


Since when is spending $2500 on a Mac when the comparable PC costs $800 considered a solution to a software glitch? Just sayin'.


I paid 200 bucks for my eMac


BTW, the issue is not OS platform specific.

If you read the results in the google "quite a few other people " link you will see that there are Linux and OS-X users with the same issue.


You know what I think the funniest thing about all of this is? Now that Mac switched to Intel, any schmendrick can buy a PC and run OSX. So now there is simply NO advantage to spending all that extra money.

Hell, there are a TON of chips that outperform Intel. I'd rather have a Toshiba with dual boot capabilities than a Mac that runs *some* Windows software inside an emulator.

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