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July 31, 2008



That's great, many thanks for posting that...


Great! I recall this brief series. Each week the show was on sugar sugar was the #1 song in the country, which kept the show from being "hip". However, I must state that Groucho was not 74 in this clip, but 79. He was born in 1890.

Listener Kliph

Music Scene was originally slated to be hosted by the counterculture sketch/improv group the Committee featuring Howard Hessman until they spoke out against the Vietnam war on ABC's Dick Cavett Show. They were then replaced by Steinberg and Lily Tomlin. Kind of odd since Steinberg was the reason cited by CBS for cancelling the Smothers Brothers.

Account Deleted

That's what I get for not double checking facts posted elsewhere. Age corrected!

Kevin K.

I loved this series. I still think 45 minutes is a good length for a show, and networks should explore the idea again.


I fondly remember this show, though I haven't seen it since it originally aired. Letting the public decide the playlist is what led Sugar, Sugar to be featured in almost every show. They were creative in having different musicians perform it each week, so it wasn't a complete bore.
My big complaint with the program was their censoring of a Beatles song. John and Paul released a video of The Ballad Of John & Yoko, and The Music Scene was where CBS aired it. There's a line in the chorus that goes: "Christ, you know it ain't easy".
CBS deleted the word Christ.
Funny that George Carlin didn't include Christ in his list of banned words they won't let you say on TV.


And wasn't "The New People" the 45-minute show that followed in that evening's (Monday? Tuesday?)schedule that season? A planeload of people (mostly young, I think)crash landed on an island and had to work out their own new isolated society. Current cultural themes/conflicts dropped bluntly into the story like coconuts off the plot tree. Like Music Scene, "The New People" wasn't a survivor.


Please God, may I be as sharp as Groucho when I'm 79. Remarkable.

Tom Tuerff

I think I saw every episode of Music Scene as a kid, and I was THRILLED when it was released on DVD some years ago. (The two DVDs features all of the shows, but they cut out the Beatles appearance, which is not surprising, seeing as it takes an act of God and Yoko to get that kind of permission).

Groucho is just priceless here.

So that's why the Committee never showed up on the show! The DVDs have promos that were made with the Committee and the Rolling Stones, who never showed up on the program either.


I don't see Groucho anywhere in the second clip.


Just to let you know......the series was aired on ABC, not CBS.

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