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July 25, 2008



My computer doesn't like that file (Gonna Send 'em Home).
That's OK, what I'm really interested in hearing is their cover of those Beatle tracks.
Are they in the archives by any chance?


Stunning - I think this is a must listen for all Beatle freaks.Its going straight onto my phone to replace my ringtone!

shane broue

the best homer & jethro is "pal yat chee" with spike jones on "spiked" cd with liner notes by thomas pynchon totally cool item buy now by the wa can somebody post beatnik music of any kind finger clikin' pomes etc. etc, etceterra!

shane broue

and songs wiv etc in em theres a beatles innen thair


She loves you, and I still don't know what fer...

Listener Greg G.

Taxman, sorry I don't have the H&J versions of those actual Beatles tracks, but the image was too perfect to omit. Sorry for the confusion.


Don't miss H&J's "At The Flop" and "The Sifting, Whimpering Sands".

Holland Oats

it bruised her somewhat
and hurt her otherwise
but i'm glad it didn't bruise her elsewhere


shane broue: NO. NO to Pal-Yat-Chee. I listened to it once or twice on a Spike Jones compilation and had it stuck in my head for the next decade. The next time I'm in the mood for pop takeoffs on Pagliacci, I'm sticking with Queen.

Hell's Donut House

Homer & Jethro Hold Your Hand:

Hell's Donut House

Oops - here it is again with proper artwork and id tags:

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