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July 09, 2008



very cool, i admit to never having heard of him- yet i see how his style has been co-opted by modern retro illustration, and even my own at times. thanks for the education. shag should owe this guy his career.


Beautiful--I'd seen the pieces of his used for WFMU, but didn't see the extent of his genius until seeing the "hallucinatory spawn" link.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIM!! Love that Flora!! Jeffrey...


I agree with trav's comment on SHAG owing Flora his entire career!!


I like Jim Flora's work, but there has always been something bugging me about it. Looking at the "spawn" link, it finally hit me; his work has no depth. That is, it is all two dimensional. Regardless of the media or subject matter, there is no third dimension. I wonder if he was blind in one eye.


does 2d illustration have to have a third dimension? it's very 'cut paper' in look, but mixes naive with stylized training excellently. i don't think depth of feild is necessary for spot illustrations and energetic album covers.


I didn't say that a depth of field was necessary, just that it is lacking in ALL of his work. ALL of his work is still great. My only question now is, is that a conscious or subconscious thing?

fatty jubbo

certainly conscious- flora had a great sense of depth even if he flattened his planes. think matisse or picasso.

Texas Prairie Chicken

I'd love to hear that Mambo for Cats album, but it doesn't seem to be available on CD and I haven't seen any copies online. Any thoughts?


Without knowing Flora, I would say his flat designs were intentional. I wonder if he influenced the Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons style? Interesting comparison to Matisse and Picasso. I see the progenitors. If I had $1000 I'd buy that exquisite 63rd Street print and I'm in love with his wood cuts.

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