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July 17, 2008



these photoblogs are pure gold. sick gold that is. 24K sick sick gold.

luv em ;-)


Why - when I was reading this in my RSS reader - did I immediately know that this post was written by Fatty Jubbo?
Fatty, you fill our empty lives with gooey, sticky culture.
My hat's off to you!

That's a still from Marnie Weber's art film "Sing Me A Western Song".

fatty jubbo

thanks rich!

thanks anonymous! holy smokes! how did I ever miss her work? amazing!

C. Lavender

I watched that film while sitting on a bale of hay at her show at the Fredericks Freiser Gallery and it was ultimately perfect. Thank you for reminding me of her existence!



related to Nasdaq Forever:

From Flickr:


Killing is Italian, I think, not Spanish. I mean the comic book, not the act.

fatty jubbo

I thought it was Italian as well, but I ran some of the words through the ever-unreliable babelfish translator and, well, I dunno, it said it was Spanish.

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