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July 16, 2008



How about "Rock On the Moon" by Jimmy Stewart (no, not thee Jimmy Stewart) from the second Born Bad album.

Irwin Chusid

Greg: This is an alternate version of "Jukebox." The other (probably earlier) version lacks the spoken intro and features electric guitar accompaniment. Were they both on the same label? They sound like they were recorded years apart.

Listener Greg G.

Irwin, I'm not sure who did the other version of Jukebox On The Moon you're referring to, but I am 99% sure I recall hearing it on Rex's Fools Paradise show a few years back. Don't know what label that other version is on either.


Very Good.

john m

I have the "other" Jukebox on the Moon on a compilation called "The Girls are Rockin". The liner notes say it's on "The Jacksonville, Fl based Saucer label, which was operated out of the 'Cup and Saucer Club' in that city". There's an image of the Saucer label for this 45 on the back of the compilation.

To me the version on my record (let's call it the electric version) sounds like a different performer than what's posted here, which I've never heard. The singer on the electric version is way more twangy and cute in her delivery, which seems more appropriate and effective for the song.

If I'm right that it's a different performer, then there's one problem: the electric version is also credited to "Ginny Millay". I wonder if Greg knows what label his version is on, if he has an image of the record. Seems like someone along the line may have mistakenly attributed different versions of the song to the same performer.

The version I'm familiar with is terrific, haunting, great. I used to perform this song for my bandmates when I was in a band.

john m

Oh, I just noticed the "trip" record label for "jukebox" included in this post. So it's two different labels, supposedly the same artist.

I just listened to the electric version again. It almost sounds like the version here could be the same person some years later with a huskier voice.

I transferred my version to itunes a while back and forgot that til now. I could post it somewhere if there's interest (someone ought to), though I don't know what the best place/way would be to do that.

Listener Greg G.

John was kind enough to send me an MP3 of Ginny Millay's "other" version of Jukebox On The Moon and it's now been incorporated into the MP3 lineup above. Thanks, John!

Irwin Chusid

The Lost Patrol recorded a version of "Jukebox" on their album Scattered, Covered and Smothered; you can hear it in the WFMU archives on various programs. TLP also performed it live on my December 29, 2004 show.

john m

Here's a theory: if we're right that a number of years separate the two versions, maybe the second one was recorded in '69 in an attempt to capitalize on the moon landing.

The differences between the two versions are interesting: the first one seems like it's from a teenage perspective--the singer expresses her own hopes; in the second version the singer is older, more sober--she's an adult expressing her hope for teenagers, which she used to be.

Kevin Killion

Let's not forget the remarkable "American Moon" (Bobby Dimple, Lunar Ladies Chorus, Lipple Kutie Kids, Hutch Davie Diggers Band - American Moon (from The Heart's Delight Follies '69)) which was included in the last "365 Days" project. It's on the WFMU website at:

Red Neckerson

Great little bunch of forty fives! I posted a "Moon Song" on my blog in April 08 "Junk Yards On The Moon" by Peter Sayles produced by country music icon Roy Drusky. Check it out!

Ed Colavito

Lost Patrol also re-recorded "Jukebox" with their new singer, Mollie Israel for the 2008 release "Midnight Matinee."

cinsel sohbet

How about "Rock On the Moon" by Jimmy Stewart (no, not thee Jimmy Stewart) from the second Born Bad album.

Lauren Richardson

I just spoke with Ginny Millay's daughter this morning, and yes, she re-recorded it in '69 for the moon landing. It is her on both recordings, and she is just older with a huskier voice.

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