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July 02, 2008



FWIW, The Point, which everyone should see, is available on DVD.


The version of The Point on DVD is different. Dustin Hoffman narrated the original. Ringo Starr narrates the DVD version. The Hoffman version in unreleased. Great link Scott, thanks.


Harry also plays a prison guard tripping on LSD in the movie Skidoo. FWIW, I preferred the Dustin Hoffman narration of The Point because that's how I remember it from the original TV airing.


Surprised you didn't mention their NEWMAN Sings Nilsson Sings Newman collection. Randy's original songs in the Nilsson Sings Newman running order with a funny alternate cover.

Holland Oats

love that record, thnx for the tip


FWIW, Skidoo, which everyone should see, is available on DVD.

This site ought to be old hat for readers here, has some pretty wunnerful stuff. Make sure you look around. I have the bizarre Lost and Found series. Good times.

Dale Hazelton

You should post the song "I'll Be Home". Best song on NsingsN.


Shrine is right. That place is amazing. I thought Nilsson put out about 6 or 7 albums or something. I couldn't belive some of the stuff they got over there. Those demos of him singing acoustic songs to sell to the Monkees was incredible and an album of him doing Yoko Ono songs? It'll never be my favorite because it's Yokos songs, but it's fascinating! I might spend my 4th of July weekend there.

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