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July 25, 2008



That is an uplifting, beautiful, soaring performance that touches the heart.

It reminds me of Kenny G.


The real Pat Metheny actually released an album in '94 called Zero Tolerance for Silence and it really does sound like Metal Machine Music.


There is a funnier one like this with Eric Clapton instead of Metheny. While it might be plausible that Metheny would do something like this (maybe not the growls and screams, but certainly I could picture him in a free jazz ensemble) Eric Clapton would never play anything close to this. ( and if you find Eric Clapton pretentious and uninspired, like me, you'll definitely enjoy it. :-)

jeff album in '94 called Zero Tolerance for Silence...

i've tried to give this away to friends since like '94 w/ 0 takers.


song x is genius. i have no problems with metheny.

Hans Keller

Jeff: Obviously, that just means you need to get new friends. :)

I think Metheny was also on "The Sign of Four" with with Derek Bailey. Atonement for all those "jazz fusion" grammies they kept throwing at him, obviously.


Thats pretty funny although Metheny never usually speaks much. pat is a great artist and I even like Zero Tolerance, Sign Of 4 and Song x. Eric Clapton is the most overated turd . He hasn't played anything inspired since he was junked up with Cream. I never understood, why this average at best guitarist get so many accolades when people like Rory Gallagher, Gary Moore, Jeff Healey, Robben Ford ,Robin Trower and Victoria Warne always got ignored.
He's boring.


Oh please. . . there is a certain guitarist who "perfected" this style ages ago (minus the moaning and grunting) . . . .

Brian C,

Wow, that was great! I'll admit, I had never actually listened to Mr. Metheny, I guess I'm guilty of prejudice, thinking he was just some lame fusion guy. Impressive, soulful, inspirational. Yes.

Dan B

I first heard Metheny on Song X, which my father got while I was in high school. An absolutely amazing record. I was so disappointed when I started looking for other Metheny records and found most were total drivel. I couldn't figure how Song X had come to be. I remember that I also tracked down some Ornette Coleman, inspired by Song X, but in my nowhere little town (pre-interwebz), all I could find were a couple of Prime Time albums at the community college library, and they were pretty lame. It wasn't until years later that I was able to find early Ornette stuff.


Forget about the overdub, I'm having a hard time just getting over Pat Methenys appearance. He looks like an old Richard Simmons w/ fat. WTF?

waylon solos

metheny dorks rush in! is this the return of st. sanders shreds or is this the work of imitators?


make it stop
make this thing stop!!
i can´t breath! i just can´t breath!

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