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July 07, 2008



screw that wii-mote on the left, i want that chunky dick tracy nerd gauntlet on the right!

Dale Hazelton

Liz DUDE, I've mentioned them a couple of times in comments.....I used to listen to their now-defunct show on WBCQ, the shortwave blowtorch of the Northeast. Nothing like a recording of a couple of guys rummaging through the electronics stores on Canal Street in the nineties going ape over a Casio or Swatch watch they found to get a nerd's blood pumping.

Steve PMX

This has been one of my favorite sites for awhile now. Of course it's Liz who mentions it! I love your posts.


I want to punch Madonna in the face for dancing in front of that sweet multi-speaker-lit ghetto-blaster.
However, you, Liz, I would smother porno-digital-Casio-watch-kisses on, ALL DAY.

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