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July 19, 2008



This is spectactular.

A few notes about this performance: the lead dancer is Veronoka Part in her first North American performance. She executes the incredibly difficult "Dancing while Reading" segment flawlessly.

Part was induced to perform this during her brief affair with Tom T. Hall, the composer of the music.

This seminal performance was thought lost to time, so I'm thrilled that Debbie acquired the video and shared it with all of us.

the bangs... THE BANGS!
thanks for dredging up memories of growing up in small town GA in the late 80's.


I saw this clip years ago in Athens, Ga. thanks to a friend of mine, whom I so affectionately called "Tyrone" for so many years that I can't remember her actual name. Last I saw of her she was living in New Orleans but about to move to LA with boyfriend David Phillips(this was like 1998 0r so). I wonder if any of this rings a bell. Anyhow, weird/good to see it up on WFMU's blog. Did you (Debbie) ever live in Ga? I haven't lived there in years but my memories are fond! Isn't this clip part of some other small town Georgia strangeness?

The Music Director, WWIB

Alto, Georgia? Two of the gals are corrections officers there to this day. It's not Royston, I almost thought it was Baldwin but uh-uh, nor Cornelia, Commerce, Hull, Jefferson, Bishop, Gray, Eatonton or JERSEY (which really exists). It's not Comer, Homer or Madison either.

One can only hope Mr. Tom T. Hall will see this & be inspired out to emerge from retirement with another batch of his best songs.

The Music Director
Who Walk In Brooklyn

Debbie D

BB, Try Oconee, Georgia, near Toombsboro. This was part of a clogging competition down at the Firehose, sometime in the '80's. Bruce, the girl you're talking about was my roommate, Kathleen. I wonder what the hell happened to her too! We also appear on this tape as part of the audience at the Swampland Opera House.

Debbie from Georgia


Kathleen! yes. I borrowed her bicycle and pedaled it all over N.O. in the middle of the night. It all comes back to me now. No doubt we've met then. Howdy and great tunes on yer show too! I notice you also put up the "Future Shock" stuff. Some years ago, Chris Cogan gave me a VHS tape with whole episodes of that show. I also remember seeing it as a kid growing up in Augusta! Lee Austin, who announces soul brother #5 is the winner, just died recently too. Bummer!

Listener Greg G.

HOLY COW, that was worth seein'.

Mr. Baker

This vid - and the comments - restore my faith in life a bit.

I heard this song in ?? a Walmart?? a supermarket? the day this was posted and it was good.

It's like I heard Dolly Parton once say : I like a song that tells a story.

And this one does.


And people wonder why Tom T. Hall is one of my heroes. Who but The Storyteller (TM) could motivate this much bad hair to create a narrative in dance?

Kathleen Philips

Bruce! It's Tyrone. Still in LA. Sending love.

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