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July 29, 2008


Ray Zinnbrann

I was with you guys that night! Is my memory of the night twisted or did you bring them all back to WFMU after the gig for some shuteye on the floor of the main office?


Ray, now that you mention it, I remember it well. The interview was indeed post-gig. They played that night as a four-piece; the second guitarist passed on the interview to go off and sleep. They either slept in the office, or more likely on the floor of the live room.


I believe I still have their 12" called "Spike Milligan's Tape Recorder."

Ray Zinnbrann

Wow. Not bad for someone who hadn't even thought back to that night for years before you wrote this post, eh? I seem to also remember John Robb broke quite a few guitar strings that night.

Thanks for the memories, my friend. Looking forward to your slot on the Radio Gr

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The Membranes rocked, I really enjoyed John Robb's book 'Death To Trad Rock' and his new band Goldblade are awesome. Fan's of John's writing should check his Rivmixx blog here

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