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July 05, 2008



Awesome show! Does anyone have a complete set list? That would be greatly appreciated!

Also for the WFMU staff: are there any t-shirts left? I meant to stop by the booth on my way out after the show but the crowd was insane... Thanks!


She is not Alone
Bull in the Heather
Silver Rocket
Skip Tracer
The Sprawl
World Looks Red
Cross the Breeze
Hey Joni
Jams Run Free
The Wonder/Hyperstation
Drunken Butterfly
Making the Nature Scene
Pink Steam


Excellent show! Thank you thank you! It was like a 20th high school reunion only everyone looked great. 2nd that request for a play list. Was there a legal issue that prevented the Feelies set to be broadcast? I hope audio/video will surface as a pledge drive premium...

Brian C.

Hey BT, nice pix--I'm jealous of your behind the scenes shots! I enjoyed Sonic Youth, they're always great, but LOVED being able to see the Feelies for the first time! (Anybody have their set list? It seemed to be a couple of new songs, maybe one from "the good earth" and the rest from their 1st, 3rd & 4th records?). Here's a shot of the Feelies from a ways out[email protected]/2638619617/ (my elbows aren't as sharp as they used to be!).

Big thank you to SY for inviting the Feelies! Hopefully some day my 10-yr old will brag to his friends that his mom & dad were pretty cool after all for bringing him to this show…


Did anyone else notice a hopelessly confused dragonfly orbiting over the front of the crowd during SY's encore? No doubt thinking "Man, what the hell happened to the grass?" Either that or just surfing the sound waves crashing out from the stage.


01- On The Roof
02- The High Road
03- Nobody Knows *
04- Let's Go
05- Higher Ground
06- Away
07- Time is Right *
08- Slipping (Into Something)
09- Doin' It Again
10- Raised Eyebrows
11- Crazy Rhythms
12- Outdoor Miner #
13- Fa Cé-La

* new song
# Wire cover


You could hear Sonic Youth all the way from Liberty Park. They were loud!

Thank you WFMU for broadcasting the show. :-)


Bud Costello?

Sure it wasn't Lou Abbott?

Brian Turner

Actually, the original plan was for Gaylord Fields and I to both do the required stage announcements as Derek and Clive, but that was of course before we found out we'd be on the radio.

dragonfly - yes! saw it.

what an awesome show.


>>the original plan was for Gaylord Fields and I to both do the required stage announcements as Derek and Clive<<

First one to say anything about Kim Gordon and lobsters has to do the dishes.


Waaaaaah! I wanted to go, but I got shut out online AND when they gave out the extras! So: how about hooking me up with an FMU/SY tee shirt? That would go a long way towards soothing my hurt hoo for me!


---oooooh! i'm so sad i had to to miss this- work kept me from this show.
someone please tell me that there are more t-shirts left from this event. I'll bake 4 dozen homemade cookies of your favourite kind for one. maybe even cash.....anyone? bueller?


That 3rd, behind-the-stage pic is fantastic. Nice one.

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