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July 23, 2008



Having some idea of how much work it takes to get an animated show from concept to broadcast makes it doubly tragic. It's a little shocking to realize how absolutely no one, throughout the entire process, noticed how bad the show was.

Dale Hazelton

Thank God. I only saw one episode and I switched channels half way through. The script was lousy, and while no strangers to a booth, their lines were incredibly wooden in delivery. If they took their personalities and used them in the same way they were used in Cars, it might have stood a chance.

As an aside, if you watch Fitzcarraldo on dvd, their is a neat extra showing Mick Jagger as the Klaus Kinski character. I didn't know he was the original star but had to bag filming when the weather kept them from shooting on schedule. Kinski is much better, anyway.


Actually Dale, Jason Robards was the original star. He got very ill and they had to bag production. Mick Jagger's character (Fitz's assistant) was cut from the subsequent re-shoot script since Mick had prior Stones tour obligations.


Suckfest. That fucking esurance animation, the fucking ancillary bogus lightweight characters, yecch. Too bad.

Dale Hazelton

Thanks Scott...I do remember Robards now. At least Mick only has Freejack to foist upon moviedom (I'm sure there's more, but you get my drift.)


Mick Jagger is fabulous in Performance and he's not that bad either in Ned Kelly. Wish I could have seen Jagger in Shelley Duvall's Fairie Tale Theatre's version of The Nightingale.


Yep, it sucks. And I also wanted it to work so bad. I don't expect it to be around for very long.

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