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July 06, 2008


Colin The Culture Hunter

WOW- Thats Bad!

I looked this up on IMDB and caught this quote:

"Reportedly, during its premiere at the Paramount Theater in Hollywood, audiences threw their free souvenir soundtracks at the screen, causing extensive damage."

I must get myself a copy pronto.

Also,some of the members of the "Band" in the clip remind me a little too much of the Glitter Band, even down to the drum sound! Can anyone confirm or disprove this worrying observation?


Not *that* George Clinton, sadly, but the quite pale George S. Clinton, who also plays the bit part of nosy reporter Joe Pittman in the film.

Jeffersonicus Diatomaceous Skate-Key

Disco Hitler Youth!


You can get The Apple soundtrack on Egg City Radio.

Listener T.

It's an interesting fact that the choreographer of this incredible (literally) movie is none other than Nigel Lythgoe, one of the producers of a little thing I like to call "American Idol". He seems finally to have made peace with his problem child as recounted in this article on MTV's website:
I think this movie is a prime example of that which Tom Scharpling has termed "Awfulsome".


This movie features actual vampires.


THE APPLE is a more accurate representation of 1994 America than THE WACKNESS.

Mr Boogaloo

I heart the Apple. I can't wait to tell my future grandchildren that this is exacly what 1994 was like. In fact, it's a documentary.

PeekaBoo Revue

Yes!!! LOVE IT!! Now we can finally bring this to the stage. Oh wait... epiphany here. A live stage show of "The Apple".


Ah, yes. Finally some recognition for this masterpiece. Showtime or HBO presented it not too long ago, finally confirming for me that I hadn't dreamed this vision of the future-past.


Don't forget the classic song "Speed" about America being hooked on, well, speed, the drug. Future-past, indeed.


Circa '84 when a friend was in 6th grade, he and another friend became infatuated w/ The Apple after catching a late-night (and supposedly heavily edited) viewing on local TV. By the next week, they were handing out BIM stickers to classmates and hard at work writing songs for "The Apple II." No idea if any of this has survived the ages, apart from a painted wooden BIM logo he kept in his dorm room...

Needless to say, he's had very mixed feelings over the years watching hipsters slowly latch onto this one.


shit! i've seen this... it's in some dvd from 5minutestolive, whatever those "collage of weird random film stuff" things they sell are called. i seriously thought this was an actual clip from a concert by a real band. i thought it might've been something Boney M related. i'm actually kind of disillusioned that it's fake. i kind of want to live in a time and place where something this retarted gets that much of a crowd response.

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