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July 02, 2008



Wow! These tracks are great. The Js with Jaime remind me of Jackie Cain and Roy Kral.

Ernie (Not Bert)

Serendipity strikes again! I bought a cheap Columbia compilation on vinyl the other day in a thrift store in Cleveland just becuase I wondered who in the world The J's With Jamie were. Now I know!


A fun band, thanks for posting this. The J's also did another promo LP in the Chicago area before their Columbia stint that was narrated by Ken Nordine, too - I've only seen one copy.

Tom Diehl

They had a great record called Your Dog, it got a great response (better than I was expecting) when i spun it on a radio show recently....


I'm happy to see that people out there are still appreciating my music! I thought only my grandchildren enjoyed it. If you liked My Dog, try to listen to the single "Yoshiko," which I guess influenced Pizzicato Five.




I have transferred from vinyl to digital format a copy of The J's with Jamie's "Hey Look Us Over" LP (Columbia Records, circa 1963), which includes four of the tracks already posted here, but also several more cuts. Also, I've located about eight additional tracks on 45RPM singles, from various rare music collectors. I'm in the process of transfering those as well. (It's going to be a 50th Wedding Anniversary present for my parents, who were crazy about that LP back in the early 60's, and have longed for more from the group ever since. My sister and I will always fondly remember this ultra-cool recording from our early childhood too. We are a family of musicians, and the J's with Jamie surely helped shape our love for music.) If you are interested, contact me at [email protected].

Jack Olmstead

Jamie - If you're reading postings on this site, please email me and let me know where I can get an autographed photo of you. I was (and am) your greatest fan. I just purchased a 1960's album (which was very hard to find) called "Encore". I just love your sound, and YOUR voice is beautiful. So clear and precisely on every note. Please email me and let me know where to send a photo for you to sign.
Thanks, Jamie
Your biggest Fan, Jack Olmstead

Jack Olmstead

By the way, I transferred the vinyl recordings from "Encore" to my computer, to digital format, and to my ipod. Now I can listen to Jamie ANYWHERE!!!


The J's With Jamie got their first listen from me on San Francisco radio station KGO in 1964 and I've been a fan ever since. The only other hot close-harmony quartet that's in the same ballpark, in my humble opinion, are the Hi-Lo's. One of the keys to The J's With Jamie, of course, was the female lead. I especially love the up-tempo tunes such as "The Sound of Money" and "But Not For Me" with their superb swinging instrumental backing. I was lucky enough to stumble across two mint copies of "Hey, Look Us Over!" (CL 2005) and "The Remarkable J's With Jamie (CS 8949) on eBay a couple of years ago from a Chicago-area seller. The rear cover of the first album is inscribed "To Burnie, a great dentist and a good friend, Joe Silvia." When collecting vinyl, patience and fortitude can pay off.


I've been a fan from day one and have 4 of their albums which I am currently transferring to Compact Disc. From their it goes to MiniDisc where I can once again listen to the remarkable sound of Jamie with Joe Silvia and the gang in the car.
The albums are:
1 - Hey, Look Us Over • The J's With Jamie - Columbia Stereo CS 8805
2 - The Remarkable J's With Jamie - Columbia Stereo CS 8949
3 - Jamie and the J. Silvia Singers - ABC-Paramount ABCS 562 Stereo
4 - Encore • Jamie and the J. Silvia Singers - ABC Paramount Monaural ABC-592

Don't think there are any other albums but if Jamie is listening in she can tell us.
How about it Jamie, are there additional albums I'm unaware of?
Please respond if you can.

Jim Maroney

A friend turned me on to the "J's with Jamie" a couple years ago. I have since been trying to acquire as much of their recorded music as possible (in stereo when possible). I even have two special Christmas EP releases! I have been digitizing the vinyl recordings and cleaning them up (eliminating pop, clicks and vinyl surface noise), and I must say the sound is quite good. If anybody wants some music, contact me at home at [email protected] - I'll be happy to share what I have (music lovers, unite!).

Jamie - If that's really you, I would LOVE to contact you for an interview. I'm a college music professor, and I think you and the group would make a great article in a jazz periodical. Could you PLEASE contact me at my business e-mail ([email protected]) or phone (570-422-3258)?

JW - Do you remember the name of the promo album you're referring to?

Anthony - I see you have a stereo version of "Jamie and the J. Silvia Singers - ABC-Paramount ABCS 562". I have "Encore" in mint stereo condition that I transferred to CD and cleaned up further. Can we swap sound files? Please contact me at my home e-mail address above. Thanks!

Jim Maroney

Jim Maroney

My previous post (just above) prompted a number of you to request MP3s of what I have of the J's with Jamie (and Jamie with the J. Silvia Singers). I am waiting for USPS to deliver the last vinyl recording I didn't have - at that point my collection will be virtually complete.

I'm in the process of getting all the files onto this site for download (thanks, Derek!), but it will take some time, as life is hectic. I'll post the Christmas stuff first (real soon), as there seems to be lot of demand for that.


Jim M -

Sorry for the overdue reply. The name of the LP was simply "The J's With Jamie" - promotional pressing, white label, 1-sided, pretty wrecked copy, and from the mid- to late 1950s, I'd say. I have a dub of it.


Drew Officer

I have one album, recorded while they were known as Jamie and the J's. I was an Anita Kerr fan until I heard Jamie's voice, and that's all it took.

I've wondered for over 40 years what happened to the group. Thanks for putting up this information!

Dave Bernard

This blog seems pretty old, but there are two initial Lps that don't seem to be documented in these blurbs. I believe their first is a 1955 10" on Epic titled The Mello-Larks and Jamie that's more in a Cabaret bag. Then, 1959 Camden Lp Mello-Larks 'Just for A Lark' that's just VERY light listening.

Dave/Cambridge MA

Bill Knudson

It was roughly 46 years ago when I first heard a vocal group called Jamie and the J. Silvia Singers. I was riding in the car with my dad listening to WNEW-AM ("eleven-three-oh in New York!"). I think he may have just changed stations, landing us right in the middle of their recording of "It's Not Unusual." Right away I recognized the female vocalist, Jamie Silvia, as a voice I had heard in countless jingles. After the song ended, I didn't pay close enough attention when the DJ said the group's name. From then on I remembered them as the "Janie Jane Singers." That's the way it was filed in my memory, because I never heard the song again...until early this Sunday morning.

I don't know what caused that file to be opened, but the wonders of the internet eventually led me to a website linked to this WFMU blog. Much to my delight, the blogger had mp3s of many of the songs they covered, including "It's Not Unusual." I've listened to it at least 50 times in the past few days.

I was 12 years old when I heard this tune. Several years later I became a fairly accomplished musician. I have perfect pitch, so I was the one who taught everyone their parts. I especially enjoyed working with group harmonies. As I listen to the incredible solo and ensemble singing, I'm beginning to hear my own take on the arrangement, though it certainly needs nothing from me. You can't improve on perfection!

Thanks so much for posting this rare gem. And thank you, Jamie and Joe for the fresh inspiration you've given me! I'm a fan for life!

Bill Knudson, Bel Air, MD

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