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July 15, 2008



bring out the gimp.


that could've easily gone on for days without complaint.


You do realise that they ain't miming -its a 'live' performance. The record was faster.

fatty jubbo

wow. must find this. absurd...timbral wrongness...yes!

andy (snall caps)

Anyone looking for more of that "timbral wrongness" would do very well to check out the Stavely Makepeace CD, which this sounds exactly like. It's pretty cool, and a little weirder...


Actually almost all of the Top of the Pops performances were mimed, but in order to conform to Musician's Union rules tracks had to be re-recorded beforehand, I think in the BBC's music studios.

I remember there was one fuss about a band who switched the tapes before broadcast for their actual single, rather than the re-recorded one...

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