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July 24, 2008



At the St. Louis Zoo there is an animatronic Darwin who talks about natural selection. I always liked the double-whammy of replacing a human with a robot who talks about evolution. How long until we're all replaced?


I'm suddenly craving a trip to Stew Leonards.

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Ah yes, "The Disneyland of Grocery Stores".

I think a trip to the always-Christmas world of the Yankee Candle Factory in Deerfield, MA is in order as well. The animatronic Oompah band in the Bavarian Village is simply too much.


Great article! I have a Rock-afire Explosion record up on my blog! Enjoy!


My favorite animatronic band of all time has to be "Captured by Robots". Technically it's a hybrid, with one human and several robots. If you haven't seen him/them perform you are in for a treat...


Lately I stumbled upon this, unfortunately fictional, beauty:
On the other hand, anyone who has heard of The Amazing Screw-On Head might disagree about it's place in history...

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Oooh, thanks for mentioning Screw-On Head. That is one dandy little bit of animated action nifty-ness. It certainly should have been a full series!

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