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July 23, 2008



If only I'd known that there was such a thing as The Actor's Prayer! Maybe it would've saved me from dropping so many lines in my kindergarten's Tom Thumb wedding.


I'm convinced there are records that exist only in thrift-store bins.

Listener James from Westwood

The actor's prayer wouldn't go anything like this, would it?

"Dear Lord: May my show succeed, and may the shows of my friends fail, and yet may I still be perceived as a team player. Amen."


Why did it sound like a fairly high-res recording of Jackie Gleason (or so we're told) with vinyl noise added on top? Very strange.


What good is religion if you can't lose weight and quit smoking?

Dale Hazelton

Listening to the first couple of minutes (that's all I could deal with since I'm a heathen), this could have been the Mechanic's Prayer or the Cobbler's Prayer or the Hooker's Prayer. I didn't derive much acting advice from it, but maybe I should have listeneth longer.

Hear It Wow

Listener James,

It sounds like it does because it's ripped from vinyl. Almost 50-year-old vinyl. I try to rip everything through the master board at wee WMFO in Medford, which lets me equalize out some, but not all, of the vinyl noise.

I normally wouldn't buy, rip or post an album with this level of wear unless it was a one-of-a-kind acetate. In my 20 years of collecting, this is the only copy of this particular album I've ever seen, so I had to post it warts and all. While it's possible to remove some vinyl noise, it affects the quality of the recording. Check out a WFMU post from last year called "If Robots Had Ghosts" to see what pop correction can do if left unchecked.


While we're on the subject... Exactly how much of those Jackie Gleason music LPs did The Great One himself actually compose? Steve Allen, in MORE FUNNY PEOPLE, contended that Gleason essentially noodled around at the piano until he came up with 8-16 bars of a melody, and let an orchestrator write the rest.

Dale Hazelton

He composed some of the stuff? I thought it was just his "interpretation" of standards, him at a podium poking out two four time at the orchestra.

I once held a 1940ish copy of an album that Milton Berle had done the same treatment with (I put it back down, stupidly perhaps). It was called "Songs for my mother" or some other such tripe, but when a man loves his mother, he'll lend his name to anything.

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