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July 01, 2008



Bwahaha! What is it about NJ and bikerless bikers? Mine was a fella by the name of "Butch", I kidd you not, southern fried trash with a mulatto girlfriend that had got the hotts for yrs truely. Follows the usual parking lot shouting match, and a few nervous evenings with a loaded 12 gauge by the bedside. But he wasn't that serious, and split for warmer climes. Later, her neighbor (a cop) told of arresting B. in the area. Seems he killed a girl on contract in Texas, fucked up hiding the body, and the Texas Rangers were on his ass. So he fled for the tristate area, and got popped. Better for both of us, I suppose. But mostly me.

Pol Dodu

The name Mag & the Suspects rang a bell when I read it, and the title "Thousands dead" clinched it : you don't mention it because you're probably not aware of it, but I think Mag & the Suspects were a French band.
They seem to have released another single, in 1984, on French CBS :


Pol Dodu, thanks for the info. This at least proves that Mag & The Suspects released another record (though the creator of that Web page did not even have an image of the sleeve; so frightfully obscure!) "Mag"'s accent is distinctly North American throughout both tracks posted here. If they were indeed a "French band," which I'm not discounting as a possibility, their singer was nonetheless American or perhaps Canadian. One need only listen to the spoken bit at the very beginning of "Erection" to discern this (or the tracks themselves, as the vocalist doesn't really "sing".) Having perhaps released a single for French CBS does not make them Marie et Les Garçons.


I am pretty sure "thousands dead" will be the new summer jam of 2008.

Mike G.

I'm a big fan of this record. "Thousands Dead" is also on the "Colours" compilation on Virgin, which I picked up a few months back, and can't remember anything about.

jon bernhardt played 'erection' today on his show (breakfast of champions, wmbr 88.1) and i loved led me to this, which i thank you!


There is a third song "Boots & Guns" on a Virgin France 12".
Get it at my tumblr :


I first heard this on a 1982 mix tape from Ancienne Belgique, a nightclub in Antwerp. It was also a popular underground record in Ibiza, believe it or not, probably first taken to the island by a Brussels based DJ called Jean Claude Maury.

Funnily enough I found a 12" of it in a bargain bin in Brussels a couple of years ago so it was obviously quite a popular track in the more underground clubs in Belgium when it came out.


These are indeed brilliant obscure songs, and it must be noted that "Erection" is 2 minutes longer on the 12" than the 7".

Hope more people can share info on this band :)


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I just listened from my 7" single. Funny though my single says that the band is "Mac and the Suspects".

Ibiza Property

Yes this is good need to share this radio more and more..

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