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July 28, 2008


Senator RSM

Can I kick it?

Listener David

Perhaps Hova, Belinda, and DJ Wawa can be cajoled into doing a Greasy Kid Stuff show?! (o: PLeeeeeezzzze!


Wow. A walk down... Great memories with so many of these DJs. I'll try to listen as much as I can. Am especially curious what Neal Adams thinks of the How To Be An FMU DJ bit that I caught of him back in '85. (see in the FMU files folder for a RealAudio clip of it.)

Happy Birthday FMU...




I am excited and would be moreso if there were more alum from the end 60s-early 70s--my years on WFMU. I can remember many joys during my broadcast years and listeners including Artie Scotchhead and The Enema Lady.

I am glad to see Meredith Ochs--my show was "Changes" and I was a Phil Ochs groupie. Vin and Glen Jones are going to be great!!



Is Meredith related to Phil too? I know ex-FMU DJ Sonny Ochs is his sister and she had a great show back in the 80s(?).

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