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July 27, 2008



I love Peter Lorre, and OTR. Yes, I am a white male. Anytime I mention Peter Lorre and somebody asks who he is, I just wince and cast them an evil glare.

Then I ask, "You seen Casablanca?" and if they answer "Yes," I reply, "Then you have absolutely NO EXCUSE to be asking me who Peter Lorre is." If they haven't seen Casablanca I usually say, "Bogey doesn't get the girl" and leave it at that.

Thanks for the MP3s. I can't wait to listen to "The Black Cat." I vaguely remember it, but it's been far too long.


Thanks for your post on Peter Lorre and OTR. I'm a woman who has loved Peter since 1973, and I have a large collection of his radio shows. My favorite "Mystery in the Air" episodes are "Beyond Good and Evil" and "The Queen of Spades". When I first became a Lorre fan, I didn't think I would get to hear any of his radio performances. They were performed live, so how could copies exist? Well, I was delightly surprised in the mid-1970s when I discovered all the dealers in OTR. (I also compiled a list of Peter's radio work for the appendix of the Lorre biography "The Lost One: A Life of Peter Lorre", by Stephen Youngkin.)



I remember Bob and Ray's parodying of numerous OTR shows, "One Fella's Family", etc. and of course, "Tales Calculated to Cause ... Anxiety".


I love both OTR and especially Peter Lorre. However, I am female, lol...
Jim: lol, I do pretty much the same thing...

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