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August 05, 2008


Nash Roads

Thanks for the mention and good thoughts about this world class genius! There's also a hilarious interview from 1971 up on the internet archive here ( From his voice, you'd never guess he was making conceptual free jazz, he sounds much more like sly stone! You're definitely on point by focusing on humor in Braxton's work, as serious as he can be.

Nash Roads

whoops, the interview is actually here:

Jason Guthartz

read or see/hear Braxton's keynote speech at the 2007 Guelph Jazz Festival:

and articles from two of Braxton's most astute commentators here:

The proof certainly is in the listening, but some guidance and contextualization can be helpful when approaching such a large and diverse oevre.


If you can wait for the unforgivably tardy reissue of NY Fall 1974, you can get a version off vinyl here:


My favorite Braxton Records are:
-- 4 (Ensamble) Compositions 1992 [Black Saint].
-- Composition No. 247
-- Art Lange rendition of Compositions No. 10 & No. 16 (+101)
-- Composition No. 96

I do not like its quartet groups much.

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