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August 07, 2008


Eric B.

Not a hoax, really.... More like Kaufman-esque performance art:

It is pretty classically hilarious, though.

Account Deleted

That makes it even better. Hooray for confusing performance art comedy!!


This is neither a hoax nor performance art. This is an actual voicemail received by a woman in the Toronto area by a man whose real name is James Sears, and his story is quite disturbing.


Seduce and destroy.


Not "performance art." At least, not intentional "performance art." Just the basic tenets of the "seduction community" taken to their illogical extreme.

Think of Sears as Neil Strauss, minus shrewdness and "subcommunication" and plus a massive superiority complex.


The best, is that the (feminist bashing) image index for his site is available here:


here is another article


Wow, yeah, that's one of the creepiest/funniest things I've ever heard.

I've added the Ataraxia (a/k/a Mort Garson) piece, "Tarot," from the album 'The Unexplained' (1975) as backing:


I could see where a restraining order or two might be necessary with this cat. Also, the business of asserting just how 'normal' he is makes him sound like a Greek Ed Geins. WTF?

Suresh S

Genius viral marketing ... here is the press conference for the film ... Hollywood producer Brad Goodman of Borat, Bruno, Religulous, etc., is behind it!!!

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