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August 14, 2008


Mystery Poster

True cadavering credits are due Al Simones. Crazy story with this beast.. he unearthed these unreleased recordings and set about to actualize them in the mid-90's on vinyl only. There was a problem with the small batch (350 copies) regarding warpage of vinyl during storage as the covers were plagued with production troubles. In the recent past, he has taken to flattening the LP's and putting them into their ridiculously thick sleeves. Glad to have one, really, and mighty nice to be able to seed it out. Enjoy the Mind Crunch!



brad ford

Is this the full LP, or are there more than 5 tracks?


That elephant trunk and pussy motif is very tasteful (grin). But hey, track four is really quite nice. This band might have gotten somewhere if they had dragooned Annie Haslam for the vox. Thanks Nash.

Nash Roads

Brad, I'm pretty sure this is the full LP, although I'm not really in a position to buy the actual vinyl to verify - I hear it goes for a few hundred dollars when a copy happens to surface.

Mystery Poster

This is the full LP as released by Head Records, subsid. Purple Phrogg.
Track 2 is a 21-min suite that segues and is delineated as such.

Note that there was never an "original" 1969 pressing, this is it.
Every so often, Al puts another one up on eBay, they go for $90 to $250.

Tracks 2, 4, & 5:
Larry Davis - Drums
Paul Hess - Bass & Backup Vocals, Lead Vocals on 4.
Mark Schuering - Guitar & Lead Vocals
Danny Hall - Keyboards & Backup Vocals

Tracks 1, 3 [earlier lineup]:
Larry Davis - Drums
Paul Hess - Lead Guitar and Backup Vocals
Terry Davis - Bass & Lead Vocals
Mike Rifle - Keyboards & Backup Vocals
(At this point they were known as .."Sound Barrier.")

Post Production done at Electric Cornfield Studios, Leetona, Ohio.


Get rid of that comma after the "like" in the third-to-last sentence dude.

Nash Roads

Put a comma before dude, Branners.

Paul Hess

I appreciate you remembering us! This is Paul Hess, co-founder of the bands, The Sound Barrier, Noah, and Thanks. We were from Salem Ohio and played in Cleveland, Youngstown, and Pittsburgh areas opening for bands like Phil Keaggy and Glass Harp, Joe Walsh and The James Gang, B.B. King, and Keith Emerson and The Nice. I have a MySpace page that also has some our our live material on it at:

I am honored to have played with Larry Davis on Drums, my co-founder, Mark Scheuring on Guitar, Danny Hall and Mike Riffle on Keyboards, and some other really fine musicians in the Youngstown area. I am working on some new material that should be done in 2010. God Bless...and Rock On!

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