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August 20, 2008



Wow, great post. Thanks for the Shangri-la link!
p.s. where can I get a jacket like that??


Thank you! These tracks just punched me. I'll listen to the (hopefully annual) b-day show immediately.

Jimmy Nations

I made a trip down to Memphis in 1997 and stopped by Charlie Feathers house, where i was greeted warmly, but with some confusion on how i heard of him and it took some convincing that there are big Charlie Feathers fans out there, believe it or not.

We sat on his front porch, spittin' tobacco, while he talked about Junior Kimbrough (R.I.P.) the Chulahoma, MS Bluesman. The two of them were completely unique musicians - he was very excited that I had heard of Kimbrough (I had plans to go to his juke joint that evening). He asked me to sit in his car and listen to a cassette of them playing music together - priceless! i have a photo of this moment on my website ( I will treasure that memory.

regards, Jimmy

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