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August 18, 2008


Hear It Wow

There's actually a full Eucharist sanctioned by U2 and the Epsicopalian Church called a U2charist. All the hymns are U2 songs, and churches are free to use it as long as the money they raise goes to the UN's One Campaign, with which Bono is very active.

If you ever get a chance to go to one of these, do it. You won't think of U2 music the same way again, and there's something fun about watching the older folks in church struggle with the hymns for a change.


Even worse!


other new song titles are....

-Get Out of the Water!
-Run to the House.
-Stop Talking!
-Ferme ta Gueule
-Tape it to a Stick
-Hold it High.
-Stop Rubbing the Phone.

'Au revoir'
mark jaquette @
illustrationism &
bammgraphics !

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