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August 04, 2008


Mark Anthony Ferrante

Scott also called me. I am devastated. This is truly sad. It was their recording of The Theme from Exodus that began my love for the piano some 40+ years ago. I met Lou several times after concerts I attended. Very nice guy, as is Art Ferrante. They always cared about their fans and would always sit at a table to talk and visit with them after a concert. How many artists do that today? I will always think of them fondly for the joy they brought to my life through their music.

Scott W. Smith

Two things: #1 Let's keep setting the record straight...F & T did NOT know of John Cage's work nor who he was..their prepared-pianos were not influenced by him. #2 F & T were definately NOT easy listening/beautiful music. Only 10% of their some 1,400 song list ever made to EZ/Beautiful music stations. Ferrante & Teicher NEVER changed from 1947...the MUSIC did. Scott W. Smith...personal manager, Ferrante & Teicher

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