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August 13, 2008


Xavier Chynoweth

My favorite calypsonian Lord Invader also has a song dedicated to old hat-n-beard, but I can't find a live link for it anymore and my library was recently wiped out...


Can we get an honorable mention for Nick Lowe's "Nutted By Reality?"

Well, I heard they castrated Castro, I heard they cut off everything he had. What a dirty, lowdown thing to do to mess him up like that.

MP3 here.

Texas Prairie Chicken

I second the notion for Nick Lowe. In that same vein, we might consider Billy Bragg's "Waiting for the Great Leap Forward," which boasts the lyric:

"Fidel Castro's brother spies a rich lady who's crying
Over luxury's disappointment
So he walks over and he's trying
To sympathise with her, but he thinks that he should warn her
That the Third World is just around the corner"

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