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August 07, 2008



Del Close's first album The “Do It Yourself” Psychoanalysis Kit also from 1959 is worth a listen as well. We uploaded this artifact in December 2005, but it is still available at the first of the 2 links.



Gosh. Put a pipe in Cab Calloway's mouth, and he looks eerily like "Bob" Dobbs.


This is one of my all time favorite records. It's been difficult to find in its entirety,(for me anyway).The copy of this recording I've been listening to for years, had half the tracks polluted by noticeable annoying distortions. Great Post! I should mention I've been extensively "edutained" by Max Decharne's "Straight From The Fridge, Dad: a Dictionary of Hipster Slang".


In the Pet Sounds Sessions CD box set, Brian Wilson mentions that he was listening to "How To Speak Hip".

Kim Scarborough

Thanks again for a Dinosaur Gardens link, Clinton. I would just point out that that is actually the complete Hepster's Dictionary. It wasn't very long.

Tim B.

Absolutely brilliant. Where in the world did you find the Slim Gaillard dictionary?


There's this nut eating JELL-O.. looks funny to me!!! Thank You again WFMU! Another all-time favorite that has been lost to me makes it to the land of golden mp3s.. there's an, unknown to me, next generation addendum... "How to Speak Modern" '45 out there somewhere to.


Aww, baby, the "How To Speak Hip" PDF is, like, missing a page. And, like, while I got hung up on the hook, the hook as it's set won't get me past the Roach and that's like, a major bring down, you dig?

Can you give some freaky person over there the gig of reposting the PDF booklet in, like, full?



For further reading: there's a great dictionary of terms in the back of William S. Burroghs' "Junky".

Unfortunately, that last page of How to Speak Hip is missing (I found it on line here), but if anyone out there has it scanned it I'll be happy to update the file. Oh, and the whole thing was reprinted in the CD liner notes - but you'll have to find that on your own (out of print, of course).


Slim's is missing pages 14 and 15 and has 12 and 13 twice instead. Can this be corrected?

Michael Flores

I have a blog on Del and myself, and our 6 years of doing comedy, etc.

Click on my name or try

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