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August 12, 2008


Compos Mentis

Another great entry in this series. Thanks, Gaylord!


Vanda and Young (of the Easybeats) wrote and/or produced a lot more material for themselves (as Flash and the Pan) and other artists throughout the 1970s and 1980s, including for Stevie Wright, Rose Tattoo, John Paul Young (Love is in the Air) and a bunch of other Australian artists. They have family connections (and more) to (the) ACDC too!


I hope this series never ends.

Colin The Culture Hunter

You're the man Gaylord- Have you considered writing a book about this? You really must consider it.


"That Lonely Feeling" was also done in 1965 by The McKinleys in a much slower, more orchestrated version.


Keep 'em coming, G.


The Easybeats were way cooler than the Beatles.

Jamie McPheeters

"She's a Mod" was released in the US on Philips.It went nowhere,and is kinda scarce as a US issue.I have one.The US Philips Lp on the other hand,is ridiculously rare.The last one I saw om eBay was,VG and went for over $100.00.

There was a time,from about 2000 to 2004 when 45s by Australian bands from the late 50s-early 70s were VERY plentiful and cheap,on eBay Australia,not eBay US.I bought several dozen,as well as the first Twilights Lp,both Atlantics Lps (One of many great Aussie surf bands from the 60s.),the only Lp by The Groop (1966),the first Lp by The High Revving Tongues,a Fouryumla EP,and a couple of great surf Lps/EPs by The Delltones.

Then it all suddenly dried up.What little sows up now,is pretty pricey.

That first Twilights Lp (1966) also contains a version of Gerry Goffin and Carole King's "I Won't Be The Same Without Her" recorded before The Monkees version.

I also own a mint original New Zealand pressing of "Turn Around Look At Us",the album "All of My Life" is taken from

I found it in a box of records left outside a closed Salvation Army store.It sells in the high hundreds.

The fabs obviously were an early influence on The Bee Gees,as witnessed by this incredible clip,from 1963,of the Gibb boys doing "Please Please Me" on Brian Henderson's ABC show "Bandstand".

Here is another clip,from two years later,doing "Wine and Women", one of my favorites from this period.Does anyone know what show this is from ?

Terry Stacey

If you really want to hear an Aussie Fake Beatle band look up the The Rajah's, who put out an EP of Beatles covers and had a minor hit with a version of Tommy Quickly's "Kiss Me Now". But the real gem from them is a track called "Oh!" which is an original by their drummer but is Beatley to the core (but very catchy)

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