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August 10, 2008



Laura Bush?

fatty jubbo

I saw this the other day and I was instantly fascinated. Almost as great as the DB Cooper mystery.

She has such a weird diabolical chesire cat smile on such an innocent face...but in the recent photo with her pitbull she looks just monstrous.

motordog don't say! Truth is stranger then fiction, right?

Jeff Gee

I vote for Amy Sedaris.


Shelly Long.

sid bators

Sean Young. (too close to home?)


Amy Sedaris!

ok, I'll say it - Winona Ryder.

Colin The Culture Hunter

Christina Ricci or Drew Barrymore.

I remember this case, the British tabloids went crazy for the story having them (her and her accomplice) dress up as nuns for one photo session for the Daily Mirror .

Found this on ebay though,-1978_W0QQitemZ200244953744QQcmdZViewItem?IMSfp=TL0808081249a19230


Amy Sedaris, no question

Hell's Donut House

Sedaris? pfft. Streep.

fatty jubbo

and now! wanted in tennessee on a 2005 burglary charge!

Her attorney said, "There was a strong aroma about her, and I told her this needed to be taken care of before I went to court with her."


Your story on this innocent woman is perverted, libelous, and defamatory!! She was NEVER charged with raping a man--In England (according to Halsbury's Statues) a woman cannot be charged with raping a man"--especially a 300 pound 6'5" Mormon! This yarn was a PRESS HOAX concocted by Mormon PR teams who feared the fact that one of their street recruiters fell in love with her, might tarnish their multi-million dollar "missionary image". The young woman's life and Christian family were destroyed by the sick lies by scum such as you propagate!!! I happen to have known this fine lady for over fifty years, and I know personally that you and your Mormon and tabloid sickos are LIARS. I am turning this garbage of yours over to her libel attorneys. SEE YA IN COURT! .... P.S. You might be interested in knowing that she is writing her OWN screenplay about her life, and it will be the first time the TRUE story has ever been told. She is highly intelligent--a sweet girl with a Ph.D. in Film and an IQ of 168, and is NOT the blonde hussy you describe her as!) Maybe MICHAEL MOORE (who hates the Mormon cultists as much as she does) should get together for a film--At least HE knows what is going on with Mormonism and would relate to the cult's orchestrated attempt to discredit her!

Account Deleted

Wow - I've been called a lot of things, but never a Mormon supporter. Take it back!

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