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August 21, 2008



What's also good is the "alternate titles" for video and tv you can find on IMDB.


What, no "Columbo"?!


I rented a DVD at my local Video store "BJ and the Bear: Bear Bondage" and, well, lets just say Greg Evigan wasn't in it and "The Bear" wasnt a monkey.


I always got a kick out of this odd couple ep title: "Bunny is Missing Down by the Lake" Of course a parody/homage of the title "Bunny Lake is Missing" a film that is SO not odd couplesque!


Of course, The Venture Bros. does a pretty good job of keeping this fine tradition going:

queen ethel

Best entry ever. I need to play this game you speak of ...

Dale Hazelton

I loved hearing that big booming "A Quinn Martin Production" and how they played each segment as Act I, II, III, and Epilogue.

That picture of Lee Merriwether reminds me of how hot I though she was. How did Jack Klugman get that young topless chick on his boat anyway?


I am such an old school TV nerd, I actually knew most of these, and guessed correctly on all the rest. I need to take a nap.

RagnarR in SF Bay

Wow, "Viking Bikers from Hell" also features a Spanish singing love baby of Neil Hamburger and Robert Crumb.

Exurban Jon

Although a different genre, my favorite titles come from the Twilight Zone

- The 7th is Made Up of Phantoms
- Five Characters in Search of an Exit
- Hocus-Pocus and Frisby
- The Sixteen-Millimeter Shrine

When I'm a rich rock star, all my album titles will come from TZ episodes.

Producer Bill

Personally, I love that the TV Guide cover has the following on it:
-- a price of 40 cents
-- the headline "You'll Have A Library In Your TV Set" ... love the datedness considering I technically have a library in the space of a looseleaf notebook (my laptop could store many, many books), and now you can have an entire MOVIE library in your TV with Apple TV and iTunes, or the Netflix box.



I just found a classic on IMDB

"Kung Fu" - A Small Beheading (1974)

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