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August 21, 2008


Wendy del Formaggio

I agree. That was a FANTASTIC show last night. Were there really "only" 6,000 people there? I'm bad with estimates of that nature, but there seemed to be so, so many people there.

I already knew I liked The Ex, but seeing them live cemented them into my heart. I wasn't familiar with the other groups/artists, and I thoroughly enjoyed every single one of them.

What a great night. Thanks, FMU!


The show last night was truly amazing. What a great combination of artists!

I have a question...There were a bunch of shows coming up that were mentioned on stage after Mahmoud was done playing, all of them sounded great. I thought I would remember but I don't...does anyone know what they were?


The Ex & Getatchew were phenomenal!! What an incredible performance!!

Such a great night all around. Thanks so much, WFMU!!!


set lists? what was that unaccompanied sax number Gétatchèw played?


Listener Tom

What a show! I'm still totally blown away! Mahmoud Ahmed was fantastic! Thanks FMU!

Ray Zinnbrazen

Hears the Ex's set streamed over my computer in F.L.A. I sooooooooo wished I was there. And that guy sure can play.


Brian, I was one of the folks you had in mind when you sent a special shout-out to folks seeing the Ex for the first time. And now I'm a believer, and how! I'm sure even the quintet by itself is great, but augmented by the three wind players, and especially by the colossal Getatchew, they were like nothing I've ever heard before. Mahmoud Ahmed had the presence of a benevolent king, and all others did a killer job as well.

Erwin, and others interested in the upcoming shows, go here:

But do it fast, coz there are only three days of shows left.

Jason Guthartz

Parq: "I'm sure even the quintet by itself is great"

Indeed it is -- though I believe The Ex proper is now a quartet (the bass player is part of this extended touring group).

Brian Turner

Colin plays in the expanded Ex, after RoseMarie left they have used Colin on and off; their last US tour he mixed sound while they played as a quartet (with Andy sometimes on baritone guitar). Colin, like Andy is an ex-Dog Faced Herman, a fantastic band in itself when they were together (Mississippi recently reissued an LP by them which may or may not still be around).


What an electrifying combination of Western and Ethiopian music. The EX and Getachew Mekuria were fantastic. My first time hearing the EX. Mahmoud Ahmed and Alemayehu Eshete brought back childhood memories of growing up in Ethiopia.

Thank you WFMU. Thank you Lincoln Center.


Jason, the bass player is a guest? That's amazing; he was the heart and soul of the band, IMO. His pounding, irresistible lines drove every other aspect of the music like a tatooed trucker drives an 18-wheeler.

does anyone have setlists for the opening acts? that was my first significant exposure to ethiopian music and there was some great stuff i'd love to hear again. thanks.


Some kind soul has graciously uploaded the entire Ex performance on YouTube:


Some kind soul has graciously uploaded the entire Ex performance on YouTube:


It was a good show and great people to watch. EX. Mahmoud Ahmed and Alemayehu Eshete brought back childhood memories of growing up in Ethiopia.I felt very happy

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