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August 07, 2008


choking on cufflinks

Visitors are actually totally in vogue! Their main guy was Jean-Pierre Massiera from Les Maledictus Sound, Herman's Rocket, Venus Gang and current reissue favorite.


Visitors, total DEVO wannabees .. trying way to hard and falling way to flat. Quite a good example of de-evolution at work.


The Massiera comps out now are amazing, the disco one a little less for me.


Looks like Arbeit Ardelt has been a watching a lot of Kenneth Anger bootlegs.


very strange diffrent music. strange outfits look a bit like astronaughts.

Mike G.

omg - claude lemonie from rockets/visitors is Jordy's dad!!!!

home of the korg ds-10

thanks for letting me discover Deux. Being French, i feel slightly ashamed not to know them. Oh well.

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